The Ripple Effect

Ordinary is not a narrow band on a spectrum.

It is the spectrum.

Conjoined twins are two ordinary people in unusual circumstances.

We are all ordinary.

Some of us are just broken.

The Ripple Effect is a philosophical adventure novel of self-discovery, an inspired road trip that begins on the Isle of Skye with a man and a motorcycle. It is the story of a man on the run from himself and his bitter-sweet realization that nothing is as it seems.

This story of a heart-breaking tangle of personal histories is the debut novel from author Gavin Major.

Praise for The Ripple Effect

At this point, more established authors would have a ream of awards, glowing reviews and bon-mots from famous and influential dignitaries to dazzle you with.

Well sorry but I don’t.

They may come in time but this is a debut remember and, as yet, I am magnificently unknown. So, I must rely on the kind words of the first few Skye people to have read The Ripple Effect. The pioneers who picked up a copy in Portree.

Sue R.  The best first novel I have ever read. Just superb!

Adriana B.  I was ‘rippled’.

Steve C.  I read two novels a decade and I finished it in less than three days. A cracking read.

Liz P.  Thank you, Gavin, for writing this wonderful book.

sPiney L.   A reflective, beautiful and heart-wrenching novel.

Be an early adopter

Get your copy of The Ripple Effect from;

Anywhere that sells books in Portree, Isle of Skye.

Skye Batiks, Portree, Isle of Skye.

All good bookshops in Sri Lanka.